Hawkins, Inc.

Big move for Hawkins, Inc.

Hawkins, Inc. has moved its headquarters to Roseville from the Minneapolis building it has called home for the past six decades.


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Rosemount Facility Now Open

We are excited about a new plant in the Twin Cities area and the benefits it will provide Hawkins. The new Rosemount facility will increase our manufacturing capability and flexibility, plus we’ll have more space for rail operations and increase bulk storage capacity for key raw materials and finished products.


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Newest line of antimicrobials that benefit the Meat & Poultry industries.

We provide superior pathogen control and Listeria control while helping you manage formula costs. Our ability to customize a solution truly sets us apart. We have the most extensive product line and it continues to grow.

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Industry leader in helping customers meet clean air objectives

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) can be used by any party in the mobile sector, from OEM to Truck Stops, we can help you in the reductions of NOx emissions. We provide NOx Abatement Services for all Mobile Entities including ON & Off Road Vehicles, Marine and Rail.

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Oil Field Chemicals

Ready To Help With Your Chemical Needs

Our products range from bulk commodities such as SODIUM HYDROXIDE (CAUSTIC SODA) and HYDROCHLORIC ACID; to specialty reaction products such as liquid POTASSIUM CARBONATE, SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE (BLEACH), and FCC grade PHOSPHATES, ACETATE, FORMATES, and CITRATES.

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It has come to our attention that certain on-line venues are using our logo and name in a false and misleading manner. It appears that our company has been mistaken for the La-Van Hawkins Food Group LLC. We are in no way affiliated with the La-Van Hawkins Food Group or its activities.

About Hawkins

Hawkins, Inc. distributes bulk chemicals and blends, and manufactures and distributes specialty chemicals for our customers in a wide variety of industries. We believe that we create value for our customers through superb service and support, quality products, personalized applications and our trustworthy, creative employees.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed our customers' expectations as a high-quality, service-oriented chemical supplier. We will adapt quickly to the changing chemical needs of customers with a keen focus on technical expertise, teamwork, safety, profitability, and responsible care of the environment and of our community.

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